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DimeTheBrand (Hairfromprissy)

Closure Dimebox

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Image of Closure Dimebox
  • Image of Closure Dimebox
  • Image of Closure Dimebox

• Halloween Creepy Closure DimeBox
The Exclusive Classy Closure Dime Box Can Include Up To All Products:
1. 3 Flawless Bundles
2. 1 Perfect Matching Closure
3. Dime Detangle Comb
4. Dime Lash Set
5. Exclusive Classy Closure Packaging
(Complimentary Gift Included)

Textures Available in Dime Beauty Bags
• Bodywave
• Straight
• Loosewave
• Exotic Ripplwave
• Tropical Deepwave
• 613 Blonde Bodywave
• Exotic Oceanwave

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